[QUEST] Masterchef

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[QUEST] Masterchef

Post  TheFlames[PM] on Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:28 pm

Masterchef Quest Guide[u]

Quest Time : Everyday
Quest Location : Elysium
Rewards : Random Rewards such as 200Uni,200Ball,+20EquipmentSet,Silver Token,WeaponBox,Ancient Mammoth egg.
Key Item

1. Find NPC Masterchef Quest at cronus. Talk with him for information about Masterchef Quest.

2. After that go to God Maps Teleporter and enter Elysium.

3. Now your enter Elysium. Find Monster in Elysium and kill him to get recipes card. Collect 100 recipes card for change with one ingredients.

4. After your have 100 recipes card, find Osima at Elysium and you can exchange it with one ingredients.

5. Now if you have all ingredients, back to market and find Chef Segolene to give him 5 ingredients. You will get a best rewards from Masterchef Qest.


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