[QUEST] The Caribbean

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[QUEST] The Caribbean

Post  TheFlames[PM] on Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:55 pm

The Caribbean is a darkness place. You need to kill the DarkCaribbean to defence Treasure of Pirates quest. If you can complete this quest, you will get a special eudemons.

Quest Time : all time and everyday
NPC Coordinates : Pirate Quest NPC at Island: 1011:1044, Pirate Marsh NPC at PiratesMap: 144:52
Requirment : 7k++ Potency
Rewards : 5 eudemons (Random Rewards)

1. Find Pirate Quest NPC at Island and enter the PirateMaps. Make sure you have 1Mil Flames Points to enter it.
2. Talk with Noble to know about The Caribbean Quest and he will send you into the quest if you give 100 Pirate Gold.
3. After you enter the quest maps. You need to kill 300 Demonic Evil before you can fight with DarkCaribbean.
4. You will be send to center of the quest maps. Fight with DarkCaribbean to complete the quest.
5. DarkCaribbean has been died. Treasure Box will appear on you. Open the Treasure Box to get your rewards and you will be send to cronus city.

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about pirate quests

Post  DragonHeart2050 on Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:10 am

how can u say 7k is required , when i'm 10.1 k and the moment boss appeared i was killed instantly ??
same matter happened in treasuries it was required 6 k , i was 8k but when i entered map just to kill slamenders to collect pirate gold i was killed by them
i PM u in the game i told u about that problem u said . i'll configure the hit point of the monsters
please take care of this matter


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