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quest/fp maker

Post  skeeter0921 on Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:19 am

ok so i was just thinking while looking over some suggestions and ive found one no body has mentioned well not that ive seen how about an achievement page?

acievements: rewards:
kill 10 Advanced beasts +50 gear chest
kill 25 advanced beasts 50mil flame points
win duel 100 times 10mil flame points
assist 20 new players Mentor casual
make 2 1000* pets 5000 uni xo 25* box

something like that but more achievements those are examples. if that system is put in i suggest players can do all the achievments once a month to make it fair so noone gets carried away and also this would be first private server ever with this feature witch would probably attract more members

also i was thinking we dont have many low bp quests so i was messing around with some of the rewards ive seen from quests and thought of some ideas for a quest.

requirements: 1kbp - 10k bp
Rewards: +80 +150 +100 gear chest, Flame Lion (low chance to get but would be something to work for), 75mil fps, 10*booster, 25* booster (both give a little extra stats unlike luck potions), icy casual+30 2k stats (basically the easterattire but blue with some ice spikes in the print), Mystery box (chance for crystal dragon low rate once again something to work for but also random useful items like 200 clover exp ball unixos etc.) Random Prize

Quest: to npc (random name like jeff or something Flames thats your call)
2.recieve soul collector from npc
3.hunt super beasts in gobi, island. dark marsh, volcano. (100 - 400 souls each once again your call Flames)
4.turn into npc for ultimate crystal (allows access to final boss)
5.Enter boss room through npc (no exp skill allowed)
6.battle evil beast (boss should have a decent amount of hp to challenge players for the rewards) chest dropped from beast
8.receive reward from chest
9.pat yourself on the back and congratulations on completing quest

Time:once a day


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Re: quest/fp maker

Post  TheFlames[PM] on Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:44 am

Nice suggestion. But its not easy to make. Btw, I will try make quest like you suggest. Thanks

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