[QUEST] Demon Adytum

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[QUEST] Demon Adytum

Post  TheFlames[PM] on Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:49 pm

Demon Adytum Guide

Special Demon Adytum Quest. This quest you only can found on Flames Online!!
Before you want enter this quest, you must have 8k-15k BP. Because all the monster very stronger! Good Luck guys!
Twisted Evil

1. Find NPC Demon Adytum at cronus. Click on the NPC to enter Demon Adytum Quest. But, only one player can enter the maps. Have 3 Demon Adytum Maps. So 3 player only can enter on one time. If have another player on the maps you must wait to enter it.

2. After your enter the Demon Adytum, click on the npc Mutant to know information about Demon Adytum.

3. Now kill all Hodder and collect 100 DemonStone to enter the next stage.

4. After you collect all the DemonStone. find Hammer NPC to enter the next stage. Give DemonStone if you want enter it.

5. Now kill all AlocerKnight. After you kill all the AlocerKnight, kill the bosses DarkHammer.

6. After you kill DarkHammer, you will automatical spawn on the next stage. Kill all the monster on the place to go another stage!

7. Now klill Mummia and the bosses. Becareful with the SKY ATTACK! You will lost the HP!

8. On this stage will the monster to summon Olisha Bosses.

9. After you kill Olisha, you will spawn on other place. Kill all the monster on this place!

10. Now kill Leviathan to go the next place!

11. After you kill Leviathan you go the last place for collect the crystal.

12. Now you collect 4 crystal, look on your inventory you will get 4 crystal if you kill all the bosses. Now give all the crystal to Magical Teleporter to go last stage to fight with LichBarangrill!!

13. Now you on the last stage on the Quest.

14. Please active Dragon Pole to summon the last bosses. If the pole can't be active you must wait for 1 minutes.

15. Now the bosses spawn. Kill all Eurynomus and LichBarangrill to complete Demon Adytum Quest!

16. After you kill LichBarangrill. Choose one rewards you want. After you choose the rewards, you will be send to Cronus City. Now you finish to complate Demon Adytum Quest.

17. The box is contain Special casual +12 and Demon Token. Change DemonToken with element for the casual from our PM.

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Re: [QUEST] Demon Adytum

Post  Jecht[GH] on Mon Apr 16, 2012 6:53 pm

it keeps kicking me out saying i failed it and im walking down the first hallway after i talk to mutant
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I have 28k bp and....

Post  Weedmachine on Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:45 am

I couldnt even damage the very 1st boss i was just hitting ones how are you expecting us to do this quest?


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Re: [QUEST] Demon Adytum

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