[QUEST] Frozen Burrow

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[QUEST] Frozen Burrow

Post  TheFlames[PM] on Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:24 pm

Special Frozen Burrow Quest. This quest you only can found on Flames Online!!

Quest Time : Anytime
Rewards : 2 Frozen Eudemons, Frozen casual and universalXO pack
Requirement : Level 255 with 17k - 20k BP

Frozen Burrow Quest Maps (Boss Location)

1 : This quest have 5 maps. 1 maps only can enter 1 player..If you already complete this quest, you can make again.
First, find Frozen Burrow Npc on cronus. Talk on the Frozen Burrow npc to know about quest.

2 : Now you on the Frozen Burrow Quest. Kill Glacial Swarm how much you can.

3 : Kill 4 Elite Beetles and enter the portal to kill Scorpion Oberon, you will get a Fury Crystal, which is used to open the East Lock.

4 : After you killed Scorpion Oberon, find the 2nd bosses zone. Be careful with trap attack on the ground! The trap can make your HP low! Flame Cannons are on your way to find Toxic Russ. Run as fast as you can and maintain your HP levels.

5 : Kill 4 Elite Ergates and enter the portal to kill Toxic Russ, you will get a Toxic Crystal in your inventory, which is used to open the West Lock.

6 : After you get Toxic Crystal, out from the 2nd zone. Run again to get through the blizzard as soon as possible, then you will reach the burrow of Steel Morgan.

7 : Kill 4 Elite Swarms outside the portal, after killed enter the portal to fight Steel Morgan.

8 : Spawner Dima, the most popular female worm in Frozen Burrow, is located near Hive Queen Deborah. Kill all the Elite Blood Suckers outside her burrow and enter to kill her for her Spawner Blood, which is used to open the North Lock.

9 : Now find the portal to fight with Queen Deborah. Active all the lock to enter the portal.

10 : Now active the magical portal to summon Queen Deborah. Kill Queen Deborah to complete the quest.

11 : After killing Queen Deborah, you will get a 2 Frozen eudemon and 1 frozen casual. Good Luck!.

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