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[EVENT] Halloween 2012 Empty [EVENT] Halloween 2012

Post  TheFlames[PM] on Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:28 pm

Happy Halloween!! In 2012 year on Flames Online Halloween event will be spread into 3 event!

1) Halloween Maze (27.10.2012 - 3.11.2012)
2) Scary Trick (27.10.2012 - 3.11.2012)
3) Halloween Feast (30.10.2012 - 3.11.2012)

Halloween Maze Event

From Halloween Maze event you can get a limited Pumpkin Head. You need to enter Halloween Maze and collect 4 type of pumpkin. 1 pumpkin you need to collect 50. Have fun all

[EVENT] Halloween 2012 25574310
[EVENT] Halloween 2012 25577410
[EVENT] Halloween 2012 25601110
[EVENT] Halloween 2012 25583810


Have 3 types of Pumpkin Head. Small, Medium and Big!

[EVENT] Halloween 2012 Pumpki10


Scary Trick Event

This event you must kill the monster and collect 200 Hollow Stone. After you get 200 Hollow Stone, find Portal to enter the Bosses place. Kill the Scary Bosses and you will get random rewards! All rewards only casual for Halloween!!

[EVENT] Halloween 2012 25690510
[EVENT] Halloween 2012 25740510
[EVENT] Halloween 2012 25771210
[EVENT] Halloween 2012 25815610
[EVENT] Halloween 2012 25833710


[EVENT] Halloween 2012 Hallow10

Best Regards,
Flames Online Staff

[EVENT] Halloween 2012 Signat10

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[EVENT] Halloween 2012 Empty Re: [EVENT] Halloween 2012

Post  siti on Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:55 pm

Dear PM,

Just a suggestion.. Rather than having loot drop randomly why not make the event go like the drop less and the collection card more but actually you can choose what you want. I suggest this because the casual i want to complete this event is X1 and X9 and I still cant find the luck to get my hands on this. I heard you have modified the drop rate of x1 and x9 but still after doing for 9 times after this current maintenance i cant find it still... Overall I've done around 90++ times and would really suggest that you could choose your reward.. Hope you take this to your consideration.

Thank you..

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