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Post  Yoshua[GH] on Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:28 pm

Hey all,
Flames Online is almost perfect. It has cool custum places, quests, pets and is always up to date and online for 24/7.
Flames online is just missing one key thing: population.
We can achieve a higher population if we work together to complete some simple but effective points:

  • By joining other private server and send the website: flames-online.com on broadcast with some stats (24/7 online, always up to date, friendly GH's, newest pets, custom quests and places for example).

  • You can also make a topic on a private server's forum and keep making it when it gets deleted.

  • By voting every 6 hours and fill in the captcha, once we will get a higher place more people will see our server and will join.

If we all help by the server by completing this 3 posts flames online will get a bigger population and this will make it more fun to play.
I haven't spoken to Flames yet but I think he will reward us if we reached a special amount total accounts, like 9000 total accounts for example.

I hope Flames likes this event so I can work it out and then we can start recruiting players for our beloved server!

If you like this or have any comments on this server post them below please!

Greets and see you in-game,
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