[QUEST] Misty Crags

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[QUEST] Misty Crags

Post  TheFlames[PM] on Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:47 am

"Treasure of Pirates" is coming at Flames Online. This a first quest of 3 quest have on Pirates Quest. From this quest you can get a special weapon with +80 and +20 full element.

Quest Time : all time and everyday
NPC Coordinates : Pirate Quest NPC at Island: 1011:1044, Misty Crags NPC at PiratesMap: 132:46
Requirment : 10k+ Potency
Rewards : Pirates Weapon +80 with +20 4 Element.

1) Find Pirate Quest NPC at Island and enter the PirateMaps. Make sure you have 1Mil Flames Points to enter it.
2) Talk with Crags to enter the Misty Crags quest. Before you enter Misty Crags, you need to collect 100 Pirates Gold.
3) Now your enter the Misty Crags. Talk with Slaughter Gate for information about quest.
4) Kill DarkWolf and collect 300 Pirate Soul.
5) Aftrer you already have 300 Pirate Soul, Give Pirate Soul to Bloody Gate. He will send you into the last stage of the Misty Crags quest.
5) Now, you need to kill all the General Monster to call the Dread Knight.
6) Dread Knight has wake up. Kill him to complete the Misty Crags quest maps.
7) After you kill the Dread Knight. Knight NPC will appear, talk with him to back PirateMaps.
8 ) Use the DreadSkull to claim your Pirates Weapon!

Good Luck and enjoy Wink

Best Regards,
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