[UPDATE] Celebrity Hall

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[UPDATE] Celebrity Hall

Post  TheFlames[PM] on Wed May 09, 2012 9:22 am

New update will coming on this week is Celebrity Hall. But, its not same like the original Celebrity Hall in Official server.
Because the Original Celebrity Hall is not working on private server. So, i make my custom made Celebrity Hall for Flames Online player!
This Celebrity Hall work like the original Celebrity Hall, You can challenge the Celebrity statue and make your statue if you winner! Now Only have 11 Celebrity Hall statue open. Soon will be added more Celebrity Hall statue for your challenge! Hope you guys enjoy for the new update! Wink


1. First, find Lucas at Cronus. Talk with him to know information about Celebrity Hall and you can enter the Celebrity Hall.

2. Now your enter Celebrity Hall. You can choose the statue to challenge.

3. Click on the statue to challenge. I only show you how to get the Celebrity Hall statue. Because still not have owner on this Celebrity Hall statue.

4. After your challenge the Celebrity staue, you will send to Arena maps. On this maps you will automaticaly change PK mode. You must fight with your challenge for 5 minutes. For the owner on the statue must enter the Celebrity statue to defend the staute.

5. After 5 minutes on the Arena maps, click on the Lucas NPC to back Celebrity Hall. Now you winner the Celebrity Hall and you can make your statue.

6. Congratulation! now you create the Celebrity Hall statue.

Hope all Flames Online player like the Celebrity Hall. So you can fight with another player 1 by 1. Good Luck! Twisted Evil
Sorry for my bad English silent

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