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S> For Donation to the server. Empty S> For Donation to the server.

Post  SirRudolph on Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:43 am

I dont see this as against the written rules, so I hope its not an issue.
I have a large amount of spoils on EO in NY server. That i'd like to sell for donations here.

The entire account can be taken, or just certain parts,

Level 104 Apotheosised Vampire
Level 15 Loyalty God

11Mil gold, Six (2xPotions), GodsBlessing in WH.

Casuals: Silent Coat, Darknight Duke(No longer available in mall!), GuardShellArmor[B though].
Gear: All super, no bonus, All current level armor (level 104), +3 Horn Crown and Rune

46* Blood Soul
25* BloodSage (BlueOrb / Thunder)
17* VenusSage (BlueOrb)
16* VenusSage
15* Vanquisher (Thunder)
14* Scrunch
13* BloodSage
9* Watcher Oren

(Those are the best ones).

IF you purchase the entire account, the account SUPPORT email will not be changed until your payment is CONFIRMED to this server.
If you are interested and want Proof/More info, just reply.

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S> For Donation to the server. Empty Thats okay

Post  PYRO[GM] on Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:33 pm

No, dont worry. This is not aggainst the rules here. The only thing that would be aggainst the rules here, that is if you sell stuff here for cash.
Which means that you are allowed here to sell stuff for a donation, but not for real cash, thats all.
So good luck with your sale and i hope you will find a buyer Smile


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S> For Donation to the server. Empty Re: S> For Donation to the server.

Post  Vegafire on Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:34 pm

I Also have a accout on TorrontoSydney which i am looking to get rid of for either Fp's Or donation.

Level 131 warrior
+4 Pot rune, Beserker Horn, Crown
Nice standard of eudemon
Level 9 mentor (2000 exp away from level 10)
VIP level 1
17 double exp pots in the warehouse/ Inventory.

Level 110 Vampire
Level 2 mentor
Level 1 vip
All supergears
40* Bloodsoul

https://2img.net/h/oi43.tinypic.com/23lkxt1.png (A picture of the account)

Just Reply. Mail me or contact me ingame with your offer's but, No cash offers please. (DemonicHeart ingame)

We can arrange to meet up ingame, and i will go first if needed Smile

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S> For Donation to the server. Empty Re: S> For Donation to the server.

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