[EVENT]Chineese Events

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[EVENT]Chineese Events

Post  Jecht[GH] on Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:41 am

The new chineese evets have come and this is what and where to go and how to do them!!!!
-----Chineese Gold
-----Chineese Dragon

Chineese gold

1.Talk to Chineese Dragon NPC at Sodar. 361, 486 (Cords in market)

2. Click him go to chineese gold

3. Then click i want to join.

4. then you will be teleported to a map.

5. Now u will need to hunt Chineese Evil and collect the chineese gold that drops you need 300 of them.

7. Once uve collected 300 return to the dragon go back to chineese gold and click claim rewards and there u go Very Happy enjoy
Reward is: random item(Stacks, CNY stuff, CNY casuals)

Chineese Dragon

1. Find the Chineese Dragons on Cronus, gobi, island, dark marsh, Icyland maps.

2. Once killed they drop:
-Crystals that give you FPs
-SnowBalls (dont seem to work for the rewards)
-CNY-DragonBalls (Work for the Rewards)
-10K EXP balls

3. Click the Dragon at sodar then click Chineese Dragon event.

4. Click Claim Rewards


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