[HOW TO] Upload a picture without adding attachment or link.

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[HOW TO] Upload a picture without adding attachment or link.

Post  Jecht[GH] on Wed Jan 02, 2013 10:41 pm

ive been seeing people posting pics with links and attachments so i will show u how to display a picture in a post like this:

Ok now when you have made your picture and are posting it here is the how to do it.

Click the "Host an image" button in your posting toolbar bar.

Posting Toolbar

then after u click the host button u will see this pop up.

now click the browse button and then find your picture i usually save them to desktop for easy finding.

once you have found your picture click the upload button and then u will be taken to imageshack website with your picture and links

Once you got the link copied exit out of image shack page and go back to your post and paste it inside the post it will look something like this when pasted.


Uploaded with URL=http://imageshack.us]Imagehack.us[/URL]"

then when you click the preview button next to send, it should show it in the preview.

hope this helps cool

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