[QUEST] Pirate Marsh

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[QUEST] Pirate Marsh

Post  TheFlames[PM] on Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:44 am

"Treasure of Pirates" is coming at Flames Online. This a 2nd quest of 3 quest have on Pirates Quest. From this quest you can get a special Pirates Casual with 1k stats and +12.

Quest Time : all time and everyday
NPC Coordinates : Pirate Quest NPC at Island: 1011:1044, Pirate Marsh NPC at PiratesMap: 140:41
Requirment : 10k+ Potency
Rewards : Pirates Casual with 1k Stats and +12

1) Find Pirate Quest NPC at Island and enter the PirateMaps. Make sure you have 1Mil Flames Points to enter it.
2) Talk with Arch at Pirate Maps to enter the Pirate Marsh. Before you enter Pirate Marsh, you need to collect 100 Pirates Gold.
3) Arch will send you into first challenge. You need to kill Treasure Evil to go the Pirate Marsh maps.
4) Talk with General Guard for more information about Pirate Marsh.
5) On this challenge, you need to kill Pirate Queen and collect 500 Marsh Card.
6) Aftrer you already have 500 Marsh Card, give the cards to Magical Portal and he will send you into the next challenge.
7) Now, you need to kill atleast 50 Green Angels to go the next challenge.
8 ) This a last challenge for you before face with the Marsh Evil. You need to find atleast 3 Devil Lady and kill her.
9) After you kill 3 Devil Lady, you will be automaticaly send into the Marsh Evil place. Now kill Marsh Evil with your power!
10) Marsh Evil has been died. Now talk with Crags to get your rewards!

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