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Post  Jecht[GH] on Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:37 am

ok when you make an event do you consider the LOW BP players? I understand this is a high rate server but you have to consider LOW BP players also.

You cant just make event maps for HIGH BP players and just expect EVERYONE to climb up fast and get to the required BP...

You gotta make a map for a section of BP. Example: Pandamonium BP 2500-7500, Sanctuary BP 7500-15k <<<<<< like that so this way the LOW BP players can experience and enjoy the new events and maps just like the HIGH BP players.

Make the rewards be a weaker version of the weapon that you can get from the HIGHEST BP map, and/or not as many rewards so this way there working towards the higher BP maps.

This could help to populate the server too. (saw on facebook you were asking to advertise the game.)

This is not anger or a hate thread this is me simple throwing a suggestion out there.
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